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Aeon Soul
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Aeon Soul is also Game Design, level design, 3D modeling, texturing, 3D game modeling, game texturing.

Aeon Soul creates high quality products for Poser and DAZ Studio, you can find our creations (old and new) at RuntimeDNA:


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Neurohacker Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
Overseer... Of all the products you two have created over the years, this probably the most detailed and well-crafted I've had the privilege to own and use. That's saying quite a bit considering how many of your products I've purchased over the years, going back to the release of Kielo II. The fine details are extraordinary (Seriously, the weathering on some of the fittings? *boggle*) and the precision of each piece is remarkable compared to anything I've seen in the time I have used either Poser or Studio (Sanctum Arts' VAP Grim Armor is the last close one).  Bravo!  I'm very glad you have embraced the G2F platform. Now to see what you come up with in respect to any new characters...

On an unrelated topic, what is your take on the new version of DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro with Iray, if you have tried it, and how it compares to Octane?  It definitely has a better out of the box (zero tweaking) performance than Reality (well, on nVidia hardware that is) but there are a some noticeable differences which provide some benefits.
Aeon--Soul Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Professional General Artist
Tau Ceti is definitely our best product so far, and a new chapter in quality for us, especially texturing-wise as we have new techniques and tools to add all the details we packed in it.

Genesis 2 is fantastic to work with and DAZ Studio is also a great tool.
For us it's a new way of working, more inspired, more productive and we have a lot of nice things coming out. They (G2+DAZStudio make things possible that we haven't been able to do so far because of tools and characters limits. They aren't perfect, for sure, what is? But they are fast and efficient.

We actually just moved and spent the better of the last couple of weeks among boxes, right after the Iray news came out.
So we can't really say much yet, but it certainly sounds pretty interesting. We are indeed curious to find out how it compares to Octane, although we have to recover all the lost work-time, and since we're quite streamlined with Octane, we won't delve in Iray immediately.
But we will as soon as we're fully back on track with work and everything!

Thanks for the great works and comment :)!
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Seriously... this is an exceptional piece of work, and so glad I have it.
My honest suggestion would be to build on this... add-ons to make it more... like maybe add-ons to helmet, guns, gloves, jet packs, for male G2s extra gear or padding to make it heavy duty weapons such as fantasy weapons with Scifi twist, textures...etc...
Maybe even a jet bike... back pack with a host of tools... endless I tell you!
LOL! I'm just a kid in a candy store I guess! ;)
Aeon--Soul Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Professional General Artist
We do have plans for some add-ons. Definitely textures and possibly some accessories.
Gloves and an helmet are the most likely, but I don't think we'll venture into weapons or jetpacks. No plans for the males though.

But yeah, there's endless possibility, too limited time though! our heads are already bursting with ideas, we just have to find the time!
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent my friend. I cannot wait to see'em all!!!! Maybe you need assistants! Lol!
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