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Aeon Soul
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Aeon Soul is also Game Design, level design, 3D modeling, texturing, 3D game modeling, game texturing.

Aeon Soul creates high quality products for Poser and DAZ Studio, you can find our creations at

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Our tools of the trade are: Maya & ZBrush for modeling, Photoshop & ZBrush for texturing, Maya & ZBrush for morphing.
DAZ Studio + Octane for image production.

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Shadow of the Beast

Tue May 17, 2016, 5:41 PM
This is the Shadow of the Beast day.
Today, on PS4, a classic from the past lives again.
Shadow of the Beast was released on Amiga in 1989 and despite the flaws in the gameplay mechanics, the game delivered an awesome soundtrack by David Whittaker and unique graphics created by Steven Hammond. Coding by Richard Swinfen, that brought on Amiga an awesome twelve levels of parallax scrolling backdrops.
Paul Howarth the game designer offered the gamers a very high challenge.

In few words, any Amiga gamer in a way or another loved this game.

Today the guys from Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs have brought back to life this timeless classic on PS4.

Shadow of the Beast for PS4 is a remake, so it's almost a brand new game.

Well, the first good news is the art direction. Simply amazing.
Awesome soundtrack, fluid and well designed combat system.

Aarbron (your character) and his world are back.


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SciFiArtMan Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the heads-up about Shadow of the Beast!

Been loving your craft for many years!  So good to see you back on the scene!  Can't wait for the new files!  Thanks for years of inspiration and possibilities!
Aeon--Soul Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Professional General Artist
You are welcome and thanks for the support :)

We are working hard these days, so a lot of new products will be released in the next weeks !

Have a good day :)
Modele-Citizen Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I wish somebody in the DAZ community of developers could invent authentic looking ancient Roman clothing for men and women. There is nothing out there, except some fantasy stuff that does not really work. And I don't mean ancient Greek costume either.
Aeon--Soul Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
In all honesty we aren't much into "authentic" (you don't say.... :)), but I think there are a few people that like to do that, have you tried asking in the Daz forums or maybe pinging those that enjoy doing historic clothes (one name that comes to mind is Esha)?
rendosoddbird Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
Hi AS ! I've got a technical question.

Being a big fan of your work for a very long time (I still cherish the many AerySoul's items I purchased), I'm sad you won't support Poser anymore. I know V4 is an old lady now, and G3F is way better, but DAZ Studio lacks a Cloth Room and that's my problem.

Most clothes on the market are conforming : easy to use, but unrealistic with a lot of poses. I hate how conforming clothes dilate around joints when they should just glide and move as real clothes do ; I hate the unnatural look of a conforming skirt when the legs aren't symmetrically posed.

The Cloth Room is far from perfect (it's painfully slow and crashes a lot) but I have found no other way to compose a decent picture before I hit the render button. Poser lets me "clothify" almost every conforming cloth in my runtime.

So my question is : to get more of your fantastic outfits, I understand I'll have to jump to DAZ Studio and G3F ; tight-fitting clothes won't be a problem (they never are), but will I be able to drape dresses and gowns (Uraaly's type) as I want ?
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